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Overcoming the Fear of Death: Indigenous Wisdom from Grandmother Flordemayo

Nathan Crane interviews Grandmother Flordemayo about how we can overcome the fear of death. Learn more about Flordemayo and the Path at

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Localize Government to Solve USA Debacle? Nathan Crane, Musings of Life (EP 007)

Millions of Americans do not feel represented fairly and properly by our government and it’s because we have a centralized government making decisions and taking actions on behalf of hundreds of millions of people.  It simply does not work!  Localizing government is the way to a balanced, fair, peaceful future. Subscribe to Nathan Crane’s Channel:…

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Why Trump and Clinton Are Perfect Presidents – Musings of Life, Nathan Crane (EP 005)

I’ve been concerned and sincerely questioning why Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the ideal candidates to represent the United States, and finally one day in deep reflection, the clarity came to me.  It’s not what you think… Subscribe to Nathan Crane’s Channel: Join Nathan’s Inspirational Newsletter: Attend Unify Fest in Santa Fe:…

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A Prayer for World Peace

I was recently asked to offer the opening prayer/meditation before Shea Freedom headlined at Sister Winds in Taos, NM. I was joined by Root Flute and shared a powerful meditative visualization and prayer for connecting you with your life purpose while visualizing world peace for all living begins. This 6:33 prayer/meditation for world peace will…

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Costa Rica; Part 2 – Filming for Sustainability Global Series

Expanding on Part 1 of my trip to Costa Rica filming for our new documentary series titled The Search for Sustainability, a Global Quest for Solutions, we left EARTH University February 17th and headed back to San Jose to embark on an inspiring and dynamic experience of in-depth Costa Rican culture. One thing I can…

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Costa Rica; Part 1 – Filming for Sustainability Global Series

I left for San Jose Costa Rica on Monday, February 15th to begin the first leg of our adventure in filming for the brand new documentary series titled, The Search for Sustainability, A Global Search for Solutions. After a 5 hour layover in Texas, the plane leaving Houston blew a tire on takeoff, had to…

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The Search for Sustainability Documentary Series

49 Concerned Citizens, Environmentally Conscious Educators, Musicians, International Authors, Green Business Owners, School Teachers And Politicians Urge Us To Realize, Re-Negotiate, And Reverse The Imminent 911 Global Emergency of the Health and Sustainability of Humanity and the Planet Click Here to Watch the Entire Series Free

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Nathan Crane

An Inspiring Message About the Future of Humanity from Petroglyph National Monument

A Message About the Future of Humanity from Petroglyph National Monument What could the future of humanity look like if we lived collaboratively by combing the ancient wisdom of our ancestors with the modern scientific knowledge of our present time?  I think it could be a future worth writing about and co-creating…what about you?? Follow…

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You are the one you’ve been waiting for!

It seems that so many people are waiting for someone to come and save them from their misery. Is this not true?  Do you not see this just about everywhere you go…hiding, lurking, behind glazed eyes and frightened minds? Isn’t there an entire belief system put in place that keeps people locked and trapped in…

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Speaking to World - Nathan Crane Peace

What Would You Say with One Minute to Speak to All of Humanity?

***Inspired by Brother Echo, here is my response***   Incredible People of the earth, don’t listen to what I have to say….Don’t listen to the Gurus, the Experts, or the Politicians who wish to think for you.  Don’t listen to the belittling thoughts your peers, acquaintances, and media outlets are forcing upon you.  Stop listening…

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