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Why We Must Forgive – Nathan Crane, Musings of Life (EP 006)

The mental and emotional pain and suffering you are feeling can be dissolved instantly and transformed into peace by harnessing the courage and wisdom to forgive yourself and forgive others for the hurtful words and actions that caused us to harbor the ill feelings within ourselves in the first place. You are the only one…

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Cultivating Wisdom – Musings of Life Nathan Crane (EP 004)

In this episode, blessed by two Hawks circling overhead, we discuss what one of my early spiritual teachers taught me about wisdom and how we must gain knowledge and experience before we can gain wisdom about any subject. Subscribe to Nathan Crane’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheConsciousChannel Join Nathan’s Inspirational Newsletter: http://www.NathanCrane.com Attend Unify Fest in Santa Fe:…

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Wisdom Does Not Come from Reading Books

I just recorded a new video for you about a subject I’ve seen a lot of misinformation on recently. It’s about reading books and how some people think they are wise because they have read a lot of books. Lately I’ve seen a few “leading thinkers” show off how many books they’ve read, and then attribute that…

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