Costa Rica; Part 2 – Filming for Sustainability Global Series

Expanding on Part 1 of my trip to Costa Rica filming for our new documentary series titled The Search for Sustainability, a Global Quest for Solutions, we left EARTH University February 17th and headed back to San Jose to embark on an inspiring and dynamic experience of in-depth Costa Rican culture.

One thing I can say so far is that my experience of the culture is nothing short of warm and inviting. Every person I’ve spent time with and place I’ve been, I’ve been welcomed as part of their family, and I deeply honor and respect that part of the culture and I accept and appreciate everyone who I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so far.

Ronald Esquievel - The Search for SustainabilityBack in San Jose I got to interview Ronald Esquivel about his wonderful work with Bio-Creation and labyrinth design.

I toured San Jose with Ronald visiting the Canadian School, the Mayor’s office, and one of his wonderful labryinths.

We took about an hour and spent time in walking meditation at his labyinth, and I had a spiritual experience that I’ve never had before at any other labyrnth I’ve ever been.

I’m very excited to share this with you in the new documentary series projected to come out late 2016 or early 2017.


John Ovens - The Search for SustainabilityVisiting John Ovens of the John Ovens Foundation and the Canadian School in Costa Rica, we discussed a powerful and exciting new way of teaching and working with children.

John says that “we don’t teach math and science and history, we teach children.”  And that, happiness and personal fulfillment is the most important thing for children and teens.

It shows very much in the joy and happiness the children experience in the school.


Jan Hurwitch - The Search for SustainabilityThen back to Jan Hurwitch‘s house who is the wonderful and joyful divine being who helped orchestrate this entire trip.

I interviewed Jan about her life’s work on Existential Poverty and how it could potentially be considered the root cause of all of our human unsustainabilities.

We also discussed the wonderful work of her Foundation for Visionary Ethics and discussed very practical things each of us can do to live more in harmony with our communities.


Jorge and JulieI was honored to have been able to interview two young, intelligent, and passionate attorneys who are helping indigenous communities in retaining rightful access to their land.

Julie and Jorge work together inside the Inter-American Court of Human Rights fighting for justice in all of the Americas, North, South, and Central.

We discussed the law in relationship to sustainability and what each of us can do to move our paradigm of sustainability forward.

Gino Biamonte - The Search for SustainabilityMy next interview was with Gino Biamonte who is a Profesor e Investigador at Universidad de Costa Rica and Presidente Junta Directiva at APREFLOFAS and was instrumental in getting an open-pit mine banned from Costa Rica.

Open-pit mining destroys the natural resources of the planet, and we discuss how they were able to achieve such an amazing feat against a multi million dollar company and what’s going to happen next with open pit mining in Costa Rica.


Minor Uvas - The Search for SustainabilityWe then entered into a joyful, uplifting, poetic interview with famous Costa Rican poet, Minor Arias Uva, and discussed art, poetry, and it’s relationship to sustainability.

We discussed children and sustainability as well as indigenous cultures in Costa Rica which have used art to create a sustainable economy and to uplift the community.

And we discussed how anyone can begin to implement art into their life from a sustainable perspective to make life more joyful and connected to spirit.

Everyone would agree that Minor has the most contagious and joyful laugh ever heard!

The Search for SustainabilityAnd finally I was invited to partake in a community discussion with local Costa Ricans in Orosi at the beautiful and majestic El Mini Fundo hosted and organized by the lovely Elinor.

This was such a special treat for me as I got to share my perspectives with a wonderful group of locals as well as listen to the projects and passions of the community.

I also got to catch up on some much needed rest at this point of my journey.


This afternoon I head to The University for Peace in Costa Rica.

Looking forward to sharing the next leg of my journey with you.

Many blessings.

Nathan Crane




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