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A Prayer for World Peace

I was recently asked to offer the opening prayer/meditation before Shea Freedom headlined at Sister Winds in Taos, NM. I was joined by Root Flute and shared a powerful meditative visualization and prayer for connecting you with your life purpose while visualizing world peace for all living begins. This 6:33 prayer/meditation for world peace will…

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Generation Regeneration Radio Interview with Nathan Crane About UNIFY FEST, Sustainability, Ceremony, Overcoming Addiction and More!

“This week’s show will feature Nathan Crane, President of the Panacea Community, Executive Producer of UnifyFest, filmmaker and director. Nathan will introduce us to the Spiral of Sustainability that he developed, which has 7 levels. The first level corresponds to an unsustainable lifestyle, whereas the seventh corresponds to a completely sustainable lifestyle. He will walk…

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Adrenal Fatigue – Life Tip 4.3 with Nathan Crane

Millions are suffering from adrenal fatigue because they don’t love their kidneys and adrenals. Subscribe to Nathan Crane’s Channel Join Nathan’s Inspirational Newsletter Attend Unify Fest in Santa Fe Nathan Crane Facebook Do Your Kidneys and Adrenals Hate You? Life Tip 4.3 with Nathan Crane

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