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What Would You Say with One Minute to Speak to All of Humanity?

***Inspired by Brother Echo, here is my response***


Incredible People of the earth, don't listen to what I have to say....Don't listen to the Gurus, the Experts, or the Politicians who wish to think for you.  Don't listen to the belittling thoughts your peers, acquaintances, and media outlets are forcing upon you.  Stop listening to what others are trying to tell you.  Just listen to your heart.  Listen to how it aches for meaning, purpose, happiness, and peace.  Listen to the children's cries for love, attention, health, and compassionate living.  Listen to your neighbor for the longing to know you.  Listen to the animals' desires to be loved.  Listen to the Creator of the Universe who is so desperately trying to speak to you through the trees, the flowers, the plants, the bugs, the stars, the moon, the sun, the earth.  Listen to all those wasted thoughts at last moments of despair from abled bodies desiring to have lived a life of meaning.  Listen to your own soul who is beckoning you for more.  Listen to the wind which brings you good news from the north.  Listen to the ocean which brings you waves of life's lessons.  Listen to the birds who show you life's meaning in a single sound.  Listen, listen, listen.  People of earth.  You need to all stop talking for a moment, a second, a minute, a day... and begin to listen… then the answers to all of life's challenges, will come.

What would you say with one minute to speak to all of the world?


My heart and thoughts go out to Nelson Mandela's spirit and family on this day as he transitions from this world to the next.

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