Wisdom Does Not Come from Reading Books

I just recorded a new video for you about a subject I’ve seen a lot of misinformation on recently.

It’s about reading books and how some people think they are wise because they have read a lot of books. Lately I’ve seen a few “leading thinkers” show off how many books they’ve read, and then attribute that to their wisdom.

I remember going years without reading a single book, and then within a 5 year period I might have read 50+ books.

Both periods of time have been extraordinary in terms of learning and growing personally, financially, spiritually, and in every way possible.

Don’t get me wrong..

I enjoy reading very much and I believe reading is a very powerful thing, and I also believe everyone should read, but without this missing component I talk about in the video, you will never attain wisdom in the subjects you desire most.

Please leave me your thoughts below the video.

Yours in health,

Nathan Crane

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