Where’s your mind? Did you lose it, or did it run away?

How many people do you know who still live their lives as if they were still in High School?

How many people do you know that still live their lives as if they’re in Grade School?

(Of course, not counting those who are still currently in Grade School or High School)

But seriously, what happens in school impacts us so much in our lives, that we often take that out into the world and still live out the drama of cliques, bullying, gossip, and petty lifestyle choices that we even bring it into out twenties, thirties, our forties, and sometimes even beyond.

If you are living out a High School drama in your present day life, it doesn’t mean that you are a bad person… though of course you might deserve to get slapped every now and then just to bring you back to reality, ūüėČ lol, but it does mean that it’s time to awaken to the fact that High School was an experience that happened in the past…therefore just like all things from then, it is meant to stay where it came from.

I flipped through the movie channels late last night, and all of a sudden Kill Bill Volume 2 appeared .  I normally stray away from too violent of movies nowadays, unless it has an uplifting or meaningful plot or storyline, but for some reason I clicked on it to see what kind of craziness was happening.

Beatrix, the crazy lady in yellow with the wild sword, was taken to a Kung Fu master, Pai Me Рwho was one of the greatest in the world.  He had a long flowing white beard that he would flick over his shoulder after Beatrix would agree with him, and his long white robes would glide through the air as he floated like a feather, and stung like a bee, moving his thousand year old body through the air just as if he was nineteen.

The thing that made me laugh was how he communicated with B.  She was stubborn, angry, and had an ego that made her feel like she was the best.  Within two minutes, he squashed her ego and brought her down to reality to realize she was not everything her Ego made her out to be, yet she understood that she could work towards getting better.

This movie portrayed a violent and intense version of somebody coming back to reality, exiting their inflated ego, which usually is a cover up of insecurity – I know, I used to have one like a balloon – but it is a great reminder for all of us who still live in the past thinking we are better than others, or worse than others, or somehow more intelligent, better looking, or better whatever than others, to learn the truth about ourselves and move into state of real acceptance.

The ego, as many people call it, or the part of your mind that helps you survive, as I would call it, can be very useful, if understood and harnessed for the power to do good.

But it can be a treacherous little gremlin that steals the blankets while you sleep and sabotages your every move, if left unchecked and misunderstood.

Gaining direction over your mind is very important for your personal and spiritual progression, and understanding that anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, doubt, or resentment are all forms of the mind left out of balance – again, they can have positive purposes, such as converting anger caused by poor health into willpower to get healthy; or fear of not succeeding, into courage to step boldly into your life’s destiny – can all be healthy examples of directing your ego, or that part of your mind that helps you survive, towards achieving greatness in life.

So ask yourself a question; if you are surrounded and angered by people who are living out a High School drama in their twenties, thirties, forties, or beyond…then what are you doing surrounding yourself with those people? ¬†And what are you going to do to make a change?

I’ve once heard, maybe from a great mentor Jim Rohn, that we can look at the 5 closest people we hang around with, and we will be just as successful or just as miserable as the average of all them, combined.

Who are you hanging around with? ¬†And who’s hanging around you? ¬†And is it time to make a change?

You have the power inside of you to create powerful transformations. ¬†You can truly achieve greatness in your life. ¬†But you can’t do it with an inflated ego, and you can’t do it with a deflated ego. ¬†You need just the right amount of air.

Pumping up or airing down your ego can be the healthiest thing you do.  Finding the right balance is key.

Let me know your thoughts below. ¬†And do your “High School” friends a favor and share this post with them.


With appreciation and respect,

Nathan Crane

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