The Earth Day Summit – Why It’s Important We All Attend!



Discover Inspired Actions for a Healthy, Sustainable & Thriving Planet

We’re at a critical turning point… one where EACH OF US is called to meet the global crises we all face today with innovation and ingenuity.

It’s time to come together and use the miraculous collective power of our hearts and minds, to stretch our creative capacities beyond what we’ve known.

And it’s time to be fearless and to expand our consciousness to include our WHOLE planet with ALL of its majestic inhabitants!

You may feel hopeless or helpless about the enormous challenges we all face — from the toxins in our food systems, to the garbage masses in our oceans, to the extinction of entire species of plants and animals.

But there is a silver lining… when you know where to look!

Innovation is underway. Solutions exist, and every day more and more amazing people are rolling up their sleeves, matching calamity with creativity, determined to fix the unfixable.

We now have access to an abundance of cutting-edge technologies, templates for effective community organizing, and life-giving ideas that make it possible for us to transcend and transform ecological destruction.

Alongside the progressive, out-of-the box inventions that can help us put an end to the madness and restore the natural world to magnificence and balance, we have heart-opening spiritual practices to assist us in re-establishing our sacred connection with Mother Earth.

Despite what the news headlines might imply, we DO have the power to change the trajectory of our planet… and ALL of life.

For every problem, thousands of people across the globe are working to solve it. Communities far and wide are boldly rising up to face — and in many cases, overcome — even our most terrifying environmental challenges.

Now, you’re invited to join them for a planet-changing event like no other. Earth Day Summit 2016 is an unprecedented gatheringof esteemed green experts, innovators, activists, scientists, visionaries and spiritual leaders coming together to unite their wisdom for YOU.

They’re sharing creative and practical solutions, activating a global community for sustainable living on our planet.

Join us on this day of HOPE, where you’ll discover the next inspired steps you can take to solve critical problems, including the latest tools and practices for creating a world that works for Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

This life-changing gathering will provide you with the exact resources and skills you’ll need to take your family, cause, organization, business, community — and our planet — to the next level of healing and wholeness.

During Earth Day Summit 2016, you’ll be enlightened and engaged by the innovative solutions and best practices being offered by leading sustainability experts and visionaries. You’ll be inspired by stories of transformation and forward momentum, as well as uplifted by soul-stirring music and poetry — all great antidotes to the negative stories the mainstream media feeds you year round.

Our outstanding speakers will be covering the following themes to create a multifaceted, holistic approach to healing the planet. They’ll offer diverse solutions to bring humans into harmony with the source of all life… Mother Earth:

Representing the physical nature of all life, we’ll address key issues and innovative, “grounded” solutions related to soil, land management and deforestation. Featured speakers include Starhawk, Foster Gamble and Marc Barasch.

Symbolic of the “element of the mind,” we’ll explore key elements for effective social change, larger communal thought patterns and our role in a living universe, as well as the issues most critical to resolving climate change. Featured speakers include Greenpeace Co-Founder Rex Weyler, Vinit Allen, Elisabet Sahtouris and Bioneers Founder CEO Kenny Ausubel.

Representing energy and movement, we’ll take a deep dive into cutting-edge energy innovations, as well as the many different environmental movements spreading quickly around the globe. Featured speakers include Pedram Shojai, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez and Vicki Robin.

Symbolic of our emotions, we’ll look at the importance of healing on the personal level (because it greatly impacts the positive work we can do in the world!), and also examine inventive solutions for creatively cleaning up life-sustaining watersheds, oceans and our precious drinking water. Featured speakers include Andrew Harvey, Cristina Smith, Connie Baxter Marlow, Andrew Cameron Bailey and Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati.

We’ll explore meditations, practices and Indigenous wisdom that can help us expand our consciousness to include ALL of the natural world, and we’ll discover many spiritual solutions to address the ecological chaos of our time — with the wisdom of Mother Earth as our guide. Featured speakers include David Crow, Steve Farrell from Humanity’s Team and more.


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