Living an Empowered Life

What does living an empowered life look like?

To me, empowerment means feeling confident, assured, strong, and courageous.  It also means being in control of one’s emotions, assertive when necessary, but peaceful, calm, and happy by shear will.  Being peaceful in the face of fear, doubt, or worry requires willpower and conscious awareness. It requires us to choose consciously.  Being free to choose our actions, thoughts, and behaviors.

We only choose conscious actions if we are conscious of our choices.

We only become conscious of our choices if we are conscious of our emotions.

And if our actions are run by our emotions, and our emotions are run by our thoughts, then we must become aware of our thoughts if we are to choose consciously.

Having practiced meditation, mindfulness, and self awareness since 2006, I often find myself accelerating in my understanding of life for a period of time, until reaching a place of comfort and contentment.

This tends to happen from time to time.  There’s some sort of underlying pattern in place.

The thing I’ve become more aware of lately is that this comfort will usually lead to stagnation, and stagnation leads to discomfort, and discomfort leads to the desire to change.

So if I’m feeling stagnant in my own self development, I know that a big change is coming and I’m inviting and welcoming that change as I know no matter how large, unknown, or undesirable it may seem…it is needed for the greater good of all.

In this scenario, old thought patterns and belief systems come up and show themselves more clearly, asking…no… demanding to be acknowledged, loved, and dissolved.

These thought patterns are habitual ingrainations* (yes, if you’re wondering, I just made up that word) of past experiences learned and embedded into our mind field.

It’s only when they appear in our lives that we can become conscious of them.

Becoming conscious of these thoughts patterns is crucial to our awareness towards living an empowered life.

Once these thought patterns are dissolved, we step closer towards living from a place of conscious choice.

This choice gives us power.

The power to choose fear, or love.

The power to choose anger, or forgiveness.

The power to choose violence, or peace.

Only when we bring awareness to our own thoughts can we then have TRUE power of choice.

This power is what I believe is behind the essence of what we can call an Empowered Life.

Being empowered gives us a deeper understanding as to what makes us fulfilled in life.

This fulfillment leads to happiness, health, and well being.

What makes you feel empowered?

Leave me your thoughts below.


Yours in Health and Happiness,

Nathan Crane


About the Author;

Nathan Crane is a highly sought after speaker, best selling author, and spiritual teacher of Life.  He is the Founder of The Panacea Community, President of Panacea Publishing, Inc., and Director of Panacea Life School.  Nathan is the author of “The Panacea Cleanse”, and author of the new best selling anthology, “27 Flavors of Fulfillment; How to Live Life to the Fullest!” 

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