Free International Summit on Health, Raw Food, Healing, Cleansing, and Radiation Protection

The Raw Living Summit is about to start!

If you want to join me for one of the most informative, fun, educational, inspiring summits on health, healing, raw food cleansing, and radiation protection in the world…

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During this international online summit we will share the latest scientific research on how the brain relates to food, from world-renowned neuroscience researcher Mark Robert Waldman.

We will dive into leading edge accurate information on what to do about the radiation issue from experts Katrine Volynsky and Ken Rohla.

Couple that with the most profound, life-changing tools and tips from healers, entrepreneurs, coaches and visionaries such as award winning presenters David Sandoval, Dr. Elizabeth and Diana Stobo, plus we will explore the deep details of how to arrange your kitchen and prepare delectable raw foods for health, cleansing and rejuvenation from Chefs, teachers and manufacturers such as “The Raw Gourmet” Nomi Shannon, Elaina Love, Rob Freeland and Joan Jackson.

And finally we will spice it all up with extra bonus videos from Panacea Publishing Director Nathan Crane, and dozens of bonuses from our guest educators, add all this up and you’ve got the Raw Living Summit!

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You’ll learn about the full spectrum of possibility in adding more raw, organic plant foods to the diet ~ we cover everything from fruitarianism to entrepreneurship, low glycemic living to organizing your kitchen, recreational raw to gourmet raw, mineralization, enzymes and probiotics, all the way in to activating your higher consciousness. There is truly something for everyone at the Raw Living Summit.

Be sure to tune in to this free, experiential audio showcase of true Raw Wisdom, and share with friends and family who are sure to benefit deeply and profoundly!

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Nathan Crane

The summit starts soon, don’t miss the hundreds of dollars of bonuses that are in store for you here.

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