The Integrative Perspective is a film about solutions to prevent, heal, and reverse cancer globally. It brings together the knowledge and wisdom of an international community of experts, building bridges between traditional and alternative approaches, to help us demystify the myths, understand the science and expand awareness for hope and healing. The film raises the cancer conversation to new levels by highlighting progressive thinking and calling for deeper collaboration across the cancer community so that we can accelerate access to cancer solutions that exist today and support innovation as we work together to uncover new answers.

The Search for Sustainability Documentary Series: I’ve noticed for quite some time of how our society is supporting lifestyles that are completely unsustainable, but I didn’t know what to do about it to create a real and meaningful change. Our water is being polluted, the air is being filled with poisons, our bodies are being fed toxins, animals are pumped with deadly hormones, and any chance at a truly sustainable future began to seem hopeless to me! Then one day I decided I would do something about it not only for my children, but for people all over the world. I decided to travel the country to learn and document a whole systems viewpoint on sustainable living to learn how we might be able to turn this sinking ship around! That’s how The Search for Sustainability documentary series was born. This series is 12 full length episodes with a bonus 13th mini-episode all created from the 49 interviews I conducted with people from all walks of life.

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