CBD and Chronic Disease: What You Need to Know

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Hello and welcome I’m Nathan Crane, founder of Inner Wisdom and The Panacea Community, as well as 18x award winning documentary filmmaker of – Cancer; The Integrative Perspective, and today I’m joined by Demetrius Bassoukos to talk about CBD and it’s revolutionary role in health, healing and longevity.

Today I’m interviewing Demetrius Bassoukos about CBD – Demetrius Bassoukos is the CEO of Purathrive – a company that empowers people to thrive physically, mentally and spiritually. PuraTHRIVE® products are made in the USA in a cGMP compliant facility and they source organic, non-gmo gluten free ingredients in majority of their products – I’ve been using one of their products lately that I’m excited to share with you all today, and I’m excited for Demetrius to share with us his insights and wisdom about CBD and it’s role in enhancing our overall health, healing and longevity

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