Can Using Your Cell Phone Cause Reduced Happiness, Poor Performance, and Anxiety?

An article recently published by Sam Goodwin on Headlines and Global News suggests that too much cell phone usage can cause reduced happiness, poor grades, and anxiety in college students…but what about everyone else?

Sam writes, “On surveying more than 500 university students, Kent State University researchers found that students, who used cell phones frequently performed poorer in academies, were less happy and experienced a lot of anxiety compared to their peers, according to a press release. Owing to the growing use of mobile phones by teens, researchers conducted this study to see whether the usage had any impact on the students’ general academic performance and physiological state of mind.”

If college students are being effected poorly by using their cell phones too often, how do you think it’s effecting you?

Cell phones are a great tool and can help us stay in touch with family members, connect with business associates, report emergencies, and assists others in times of need.

Nowadays, all too often you find that a person gets inundated with text messages, emails, and phone calls, all calling for your attention and distracting you from living your life.

The real problem I see is if you get lost in the interaction of the cell phone and mistake it for REAL communication, then your life might just end up in a vicious cycle of poor health, lack of meaning, and digression of spiritual purpose.

Sure, we are communicating, in a form, when we us our cell phones, but it is lacking one dimension of communication that, in my opinion, is vital to our overall well being and sense of happiness – and that is… proximity.

Science now proves that our bodies transmit an energy around our external vicinity that is directly correlated to the heart.  (An interview coming up on Panacea Life School I am conducting with Howard Martin from Heartmath will excite you with the new research that has been done around this subject.)

This energy changes depending on our thoughts, intentions, and emotions.  Some people call this energy an Aura, others call it Universal Energy or Life Force, I learned from a teacher years ago and found this to be true in my own life that it is called our Mind Field, and our Mind Field is actually transmitting our thought particles out around us and out into the Universe.

Our energy effects everyone and everything around us.

If your proximity is hundreds of miles away, you are still effecting those with your thoughts and emotions as it transmits into the entire Universe, but the energy is weaker the further it extends from it’s source – YOU.

So if you are speaking with someone about something wonderful, and you are within a close proximity of them, say within 5 feet or so, your energy/Mind Field/thought particles will transmit to them and impact them positively.

This becomes very beneficial if your thoughts, intentions, and emotions are positive, caring, and happy.  Then you automatically effect them in their lives positively simply by transmitting positive thoughts, intentions, words, and emotions.

If you are speaking to someone on the phone, texting, or emailing them, your energy is dissipated and reduced and your impact is much weaker.

Not to mention the waves of electricity coming from the phone that are entering your body and your brain – which have been linked to cancer and other diseases.

So, what to do?

Do we completely stop using our cell phones forever?

Not likely.  At least not right now anyway.

The best advice I can give is to:

1. Keep your cell phone out of your pocket or your pants or away from your waist as often as possible.

2. Text message only when necessary.  No need to waste valuable energy on writing about drama or gossip.

3. Speaking on the phone is the closest to being in person, next to video chat, so speak and video chat more, text and email less.

4. Use a headset as it’s possible that it can reduce direct exposure to the electrical cell phone waves.

5. Get together and talk in-person as often as possible – don’t mistake cell phone communication for Real-Life communication.

Whether you’re a student in college, a busy parent working and taking care of children, or a high powered CEO, making time to meet with friends, families, and colleagues will be worth it in the long run for your overall health, wellness, happiness, and fulfillment in life, and they will thank you for it as it’s not very often nowadays that people take time out of their busy schedules just to go meet with someone in person to say Hi.

Remember, your happiness depends on it.


Yours in health and happiness,

Nathan Crane


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