Ancient Wisdom with Nathan Crane Interviewed on Life Mastery Radio

I hope you’re having an amazing week!
Yesterday Todd and Debby from Life Mastery radio interviewed me about the powerful and uplifting ancient wisdom I’ve been connecting to and receiving over the past few years from our ancestors and native elders, and I wanted to share the interview with you today.
In the interview we talk about how to bridge the gap between our ancient wisdom from our ancestors and bring it forth into our current experience so we don’t make the same mistakes we have been over the millennia as a human society, and so we are able to create a higher level of sustainability, meaning, and peace in our lives.
It seems that more and more people have become disconnected from a sense of meaning and purpose in life; that cancer and other degenerative diseases have been on the rise; and that more and more people are disconnected from a spiritual connection and sense of community in their lives.
These are all major issues and challenges each of us face and there are specific root causes and core solutions to each of them – in which we discuss on Life Mastery Radio as well as will be diving in deeper at The Enlivened Living Conference.
We also talk about how to inspire and get youth involved and engaged in a more meaningful, healthy, and sustainable life – which of course it is our younger generation that will eventually take the reigns in the next 20 or so years and we should all be doing our best to support that generational transition.

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