About Nathan Crane

Nathan Crane is a natural health researcher and certified holistic cancer coach. He is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, Amazon #1 bestselling author and 20x award-winning documentary filmmaker.

Nathan is on the Board of Directors for the Beljanski Foundation, a Non-Profit Conducting Scientific Research into Natural Solutions for Cancer.

Nathan is also the Director of Healing Life, President of the Holistic Leadership Council, Founder of Conquering Cancer, and Director and Producer of the award winning documentary film, Cancer; The Integrative Perspective.

Nathan has received numerous awards including the Accolade 2020 Outstanding Achievement Humanitarian Award, and the Outstanding Community Service Award from the California Senate for his work in education and empowerment with natural and integrative methods for healing cancer.

Nathan currently resides in Jacksonville, FL with his wife and 2 kids where they enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, playing volleyball on the beach and swimming in the ocean.



Nate’s dedication to our collective awakening and flourishing is obvious just from a few minutes with him. But underneath, he is imbued with a solidity of wisdom, self-knowledge and compassion which all of us would do well not to overlook. Thank you Nate for ALL you do and all you WILL do, for us and our precious planet!”

– Adam Gainsburg, Founder of Soulsign.com

“Nate is genuinely dedicated to making the world a better place. That is immediately obvious through his gentle, mindful presence and his work establishing The Panacea Community. So many of us dream without acting. Nate has the unusual ability to embody his dreams in skilful action and already this is spreading out around the globe. I wish him and The Panacea Community every success”.

~Vidyamala Burch, Founder of Breathworks – mindfulness-based approaches to living well www.breathworks-mindfulness.org.uk

“Nathan’s kind and compassionate nature is evident. He is truly making a difference in the lives of others by being his authentic self. The Panacea Community is a beautiful global expression and representation of his intention. Thank you Nathan for shining your Light so bright.”

Shelly Wilson – Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher

“I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Nathan Crane when he joined me as a guest on my radio podcast show Creative Possibility – The Limitless Life on the Web Talk Radio network.  Nathan was a delight to chat with and shared some fascinating insights into living a life fulfilled.  He is passionate about living limitlessly and was so generous with what he shared.  I look forward to staying connected with him and watching his community grow.”

~Shannon Bush, Director, Creative Possibility, international best selling author of Personal Leadership Style: How To Lead Your Life With Effortless Happiness, Confidence And Purpose.  www.creativepossibility.com.au

“Thank you 🙂 I was so impressed with your talk and story. To be honest, from your pic I thought “omg so young what could he teach me”… but I got on the call for some reason. So glad I did… amazing… Thank you so much!!”


Hi Nathan, Hey, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I think the work you are doing is important and amazing. I really think YOU are the ‘new’ Hay House. The new and improved, fresh new Hay House. Enjoy the holidays with your beautiful family… Just wanted to tell you that!

~Lisa Wilson, The Raw Food Institute

“You were a very motivating speaker! Thanks for your time and energy!”


“Nathan, you are very intuitive and gifted. Loved your interview!”

“I could feel my whole body vibrating with that exercise, thank you”

– Katherine, Canada

“Great information! Nathan is so passionate about his teachings and it was a lot of fun. The dinner couldn’t have been better. It was a healthy way to spend the evening.”

~ Ken

“Brent and I thourghly enjoyed the meeting. We both felt better when we left. We will be attending the next meeting. Brent saw results on his healing the next day. Anke had met Nate years ago and was drawn to him then. We all feel he is a great leader and an inspiration to us all.”

~ Celeste

“Very clear & to the point. Easy to follow.”


“Nate was very good and presented concise effective techniques…  Excellent presentation.”


“Very heart-connected, loving, inspired community event. A real coming together of a vision by Nate Crane in co-creation with the community…”


“This was an amazing day of learning and sharing.


“I just finished listening to the Bonus call and I’m so glad that I didn’t get discouraged and give up.  I will listen to the guided process daily!  I had a vision of my entire body “bursting” with light (almost like fireworks shooting out of me!) It was a genuine pleasure listening!  Divine Blessings of Love, Light & Laughter!”


“Wow, Nathan….Just wanted to say once again, what an inspiring share/story/wisdom you shared with all of us on the teleseminar the other night…it was motivational for many of us…and glad your brought up the fact that we are needing to grow emotionally, spiritually and physically to be healthy and wholesome….
I am interested in knowing more about your book and if it is a fit.
I use the internet at the local library and do not purchase items over the internet…is it possible to get your book with a call and a credit card or send a check?
Be well and keep up your amazing contribution….”


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