A Prayer for World Peace

I was recently asked to offer the opening prayer/meditation before Shea Freedom headlined at Sister Winds in Taos, NM. I was joined by Root Flute and shared a powerful meditative visualization and prayer for connecting you with your life purpose while visualizing world peace for all living begins. This 6:33 prayer/meditation for world peace will…

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Liver Cleanse – Liver Flush

GLOBAL HEALING CENTER LIVER CLEANSE The Liver Cleanse Kit is an all natural approach to cleansing and rejuvenating your liver and gallbladder. This multi-tiered approach uses the power of Livatrex to kick start your liver’s natural cleansing abilities and Oxy-Powder to facilitate toxin removal. Many people say a liver cleanse is an integral step in…

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Generation Regeneration Radio Interview with Nathan Crane About UNIFY FEST, Sustainability, Ceremony, Overcoming Addiction and More!

“This week’s show will feature Nathan Crane, President of the Panacea Community, Executive Producer of UnifyFest, filmmaker and director. Nathan will introduce us to the Spiral of Sustainability that he developed, which has 7 levels. The first level corresponds to an unsustainable lifestyle, whereas the seventh corresponds to a completely sustainable lifestyle. He will walk…

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Mobile Chicken Home – Chicken Tractor

Check out my mobile chicken home / chicken tractor on the video below.  Chickens are an amazing way to cultivate self reliance and sustainability in your life and are great for the land, great for keeping insects in balance, great food source for carnivorous animals like dogs, and so much more! Also join us for…

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The Earth Day Summit – Why It’s Important We All Attend!

ATTEND THE EARTH DAY SUMMIT FREE BY CLICKING HERE ATTEND THE EARTH DAY SUMMIT FREE BY CLICKING HERE Discover Inspired Actions for a Healthy, Sustainable & Thriving Planet We’re at a critical turning point… one where EACH OF US is called to meet the global crises we all face today with innovation and ingenuity. It’s…

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John Ovens - The Search for Sustainability

Costa Rica; Part 2 – Filming for Sustainability Global Series

Expanding on Part 1 of my trip to Costa Rica filming for our new documentary series titled The Search for Sustainability, a Global Quest for Solutions, we left EARTH University February 17th and headed back to San Jose to embark on an inspiring and dynamic experience of in-depth Costa Rican culture. One thing I can…

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Nathan Crane Earth University

Costa Rica; Part 1 – Filming for Sustainability Global Series

I left for San Jose Costa Rica on Monday, February 15th to begin the first leg of our adventure in filming for the brand new documentary series titled, The Search for Sustainability, A Global Search for Solutions. After a 5 hour layover in Texas, the plane leaving Houston blew a tire on takeoff, had to…

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Nathan Crane Life tips

Adrenal Fatigue – Life Tip 4.3 with Nathan Crane

Millions are suffering from adrenal fatigue because they don’t love their kidneys and adrenals. Subscribe to Nathan Crane’s Channel Join Nathan’s Inspirational Newsletter Attend Unify Fest in Santa Fe Nathan Crane Facebook Do Your Kidneys and Adrenals Hate You? Life Tip 4.3 with Nathan Crane

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Healing Tea Video Image

Powerful Healing Herbal Tea Recipe VIDEO with Herbal Medic for Overall Immunity

Enjoy this empowering interview I did with my friend and Herbal Medic Sam Coffman. In this video Sam discusses the healing benefits of over a dozen powerful immune stimulating herbs for fighting infection, healing the body, and stimulating overall health and vitality when preventing or reversing a cold, flu, virus, or infection. For Sam Coffman’s…

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The Search for Sustainability Nathan Crane

The Search for Sustainability Documentary Series

49 Concerned Citizens, Environmentally Conscious Educators, Musicians, International Authors, Green Business Owners, School Teachers And Politicians Urge Us To Realize, Re-Negotiate, And Reverse The Imminent 911 Global Emergency of the Health and Sustainability of Humanity and the Planet Click Here to Watch the Entire Series Free

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