Natalia Maldonado – CrossFit, Breast Cancer & The Wellness Warriors | Nathan Crane Podcast 21

In today’s video, we sit down with Natalia Maldonado. Natalia’s wellness journey began in 2009 when discovered hot yoga to help her relieve stress and learn how to create balance in her life as a New York City Police Officer. Raised by a single mother in the Bronx, growing up felt like survival. Channeling the discipline from her Air Force and NYPD training, trauma from divorce and loss, and experiencing what many can relate to a sense that something is missing. Natalia resigned from the NYPD, just a few weeks shy of her promotion to Sergeant to pursue her spiritual and wellness passions. This spiritual awakening enabled Natalia to perfect her craft while teaching and traveling throughout Europe. With her expertise in multiple health disciplines coupled with her certification in Hot Yoga, becoming a Master intenSati Leader, and as a health coach, Natalia formed what would be the beginning of her community; Wellness Warriors. True to what her community stands for, Natalia took an even bigger leap of faith, relocating to Miami for love and to continue building her tribe.

In 2019, Natalia was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer and more than ever felt her calling to continue leading her tribe through strength and emotional connection. Natalia made the difficult decision to choose natural healing practices to support her recovery by attending the Hippocrates Health Institute, a natural healing center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

It has been over four years since enrolling in the natural healing center and her road to recovery has been cathartic for Natalia. Her blood tests and ultrasounds show the cancer has been deactivated and cleared since Aug 2021 and she is thriving as a Wellness Warrior.

Above all of the learning & leaning into this new lifestyle, one of the greatest lessons for Natalia has been that self-love should be at the forefront of every journey.

Your host, Nathan Crane, is a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Best-Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Cancer-Health Researcher and Educator, and 20X Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker with Over 15 Years in the Health Field. 

Today’s podcast is focused on talking about Natalia’s journey with breast cancer, her experience with CrossFit, her group called the Wellness Warriors, and more! Visit The Nathan Crane Podcast on YouTube to watch the full podcast!

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Natalia Maldonado – CrossFit, Breast Cancer & The Wellness Warriors | Nathan Crane Podcast 21

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