My Top Detox Solutions


Zeolite has been widely studied for its ability to:

Flush heavy metals from the body, including toxic lead
Provide alkalizing minerals to support a healthy pH
Protect kidney function by detoxing heavy metals
Strengthen the immune system through removing toxins
Protect against leaky gut by strengthening the intestinal wall
And much more, as extensive clinical research shows

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Chlorella is a very nutritious algae.  Full of nutrients, it is also a powerhouse detoxifier.  Animal studies indicate that it’s effective at helping remove heavy metals and other harmful compounds from the body.

It has been shown to help lower the amount of other harmful chemicals that are sometimes found in food including dioxin.

Chlorella contains several compounds that are considered antioxidants, including chlorophyll, vitamin C, beta-carotene, lycopene and lutein.

Purium’s Ionic Elements is a uniquely formulated combination of fulvic acid and ocean trace minerals. Using a rare source of humic and fulvic base, our proprietary (acid-free) refining method accelerates the concentration and purity of the fulvic acid - leaving a fresh, clean taste. We recommend adding Ionic Elements to your Power Shake or any other green drink.

  • May reduce the effects of aging
  • May support the healthy growth of hair, skin, and nails
  • May support healthy immune function

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Consistent sauna use has been shown to increase lifespan, health-span and reduce all cause mortality.  They’ve also been shown to sweat out heavy metals. One study showed about 40mcgms reduction of lead sweat out of the body in a 200-degree dry sauna for 15 minutes.  In addition to lead, other studies have shown the detoxification of mercury and cadmium after using sauna, and multiple studies showed sweat had the highest levels of mercury removed compared to urine or blood.

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Reverse Osmosis and Hydrogen Water - LUX

UNIQUE "TRIPLE ACTION" CLEANING Firstly, the machine has a two-filter system that removes a very impressive amount of impurities from your water. Ultra Violet (UVC) sanitation further cleans your water, and then finally hydrogen is infused to enhance the health benefits of your ultra-clean water! Carbon Filter The first filter is the CBPA Filter, a 5-micron polypropylene and activated carbon filter. It removes large particles, like suspended solids and rust, from the water. This is important because it takes the strain off the later Reverse Osmosis (ROCB) Filter and thus extends the overall life of the system. Reverse Osmosis Filtration The ROCB Filter is a Reverse Osmosis membrane with a post activated carbon block filter. This filter can stop particles that are 0.0001 Micron or larger from passing through the filter. The second part of the ROCB Filter, the post activated carbon block filter, is made to remove any remaining chlorine and odor, and to massively improve the taste of your drinking water. Unique UVC Sanitization The addition of Ultra Violet Light (UVC) sanitation gives the UltraLux Water Machine a unique cleaning advantage over all other RO systems. A regular RO membrane has to be cleaned frequently to remove bacteria and viruses that become stuck in the membrane. To get rid of this problem, the UltraLux Water Machine uses UVC sanitation to kill any viruses and bacteria that become caught in the RO membrane. It also kills any bacteria that the RO membrane misses in the water. Thus you get the cleanest water possible with the lowest possible maintenance. The UVC light ONLY comes on every time that water passes through the RO membrane, thus helping extend the life of the machine. And finally, we add the all important Hydrogen. After your water has been filtered and sanitized, powerful electrolsis is used to dissolve hydrogen nanobubbles into the water. The UltraLux Water Machine can infuse your water with up to 1.8 parts per million (ppm) of hydrogen. That’s over three times the minimum therapeutic amount! So go ahead - try the Ultralux Machine for yourself today. It's the best machine of it's kind in the world - and you will NOT be disappointed.

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Air Doctor Air Filters

I personally have 3 of these filters in my house.

They are fantastic!

They capture particles 100 Times Smaller Than HEPA Standard.

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Ceramic Cookware

I personally use this toxin-free ceramic cookware from P600 and recommend it.

They have a limited supply though.

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Muse Meditation

I personally use this meditation device and app and it's great for showing you the statistical impact meditation has on your mind and body.

Includes 500+ guided meditations.

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100% natural and USDA Certified Organic Age-Defying Dream Cream

It’s FREE of anything artificial, including FREE of toxic preservatives and synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes, and it was not processed using industrial solvents, irradiation, or genetic engineering (non-GMO). It’s FREE of parabens, FREE of sodium benzoate, FREE of potassium sorbate, and contains no hydrogenation and no palm oil… all particular areas of concern for many people. It’s also, of course, a cruelty-free formula that is NEVER tested on animals. What your Age-Defying Dream Cream does provide you, meanwhile, is over 25 of nature’s premier USDA Certified Organic skin botanicals in one complete formula.

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Peak Immune Bundle

Nothing compares to The Beljanski® Products! This is the ultimate bundle for both men and women to support your immune system against the daily assault of environmental toxins!* Bundle and save 15% on targeted nutrients to support the immune system and protect healthy cellular regulation from DNA damage.

This innovative bundle brings you unique ingredients that have been vetted by centuries of traditional use, with the added twist of modern science for enhanced safety and efficacy. Their ability to support the immune system by promoting cell protection and healthy cellular regulation* has drawn the interest of scientific teams from around the world, and led to a wealth of research.

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Haelan 951 - Anti-Cancer Beverage

Haelan 951 is a one-of-a-kind nitrogen fermented beverage made from a unique species of 100% certified organic soybean grown in the mountains of Mongolia with a 30+ year history of improving health at a cellular level. Naturally: 🌱 Improve Immune Function 🔥 Reduced Inflammation 🏃 Improve Energy 🧠 Improve Mental Clarity ... and more Our advanced concentrate has calculated levels of native soybean compounds, fermentation metabolites and enzymes showing various biological properties, such as anti-angiogenic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenic, anti-carcinogenic activities, hormone balancing and more.

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Maison - OnkoTea

OnkoTea® is an exclusive blend of organic teas developed by Dr. Mirko Beljanski and supported by research. OnkoTea® is a blend of certified organic, non-GMO and gluten free antioxidant teas providing everyday holistic health benefits.* It comes in 4 different flavors for your enjoyment: Nature (Green Tea Blend), Wellness (Lemon Essence), Serenity (Lemon Ginger) and Radiance (Mango Peach).

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