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10 Ways to Stay Positive – Nathan Crane | Musings of Life (EP 013)

Many of us are going through challenges in multiple areas of your life including relationships, financial challenges, work stuff, and health issues. When we’re faced with these challenges it can seem daunting and difficult to stay positive. Here’s my top 10 list of simple and powerful ways you can stay positive every day no matter…

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LET GO… but Don’t Give Up! – Nathan Crane, Musings of Life (EP 011)

We often associate “letting go” with giving up on our dreams and ambitions, but the truth is that they are two completely different energetic experiences and we must all learn to LET GO if we are to find happiness and peace in our lives. In this video I share a concrete example of the difference…

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The Truth About Happiness – Nathan Crane, Musings of Life (EP 010)

I have realized over the years that we are often confused about where true happiness comes from. We believe it comes from achieving dreams and ambitions, but that happiness does not last, so the question has always been, where does true happiness come from and how can I make it last?! Subscribe to Nathan Crane’s…

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