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Would you like to embody a cancer-free lifestyle?

I have a limited time offer for you to own the Becoming Cancer-Free Masterclass!

In This Life-Changing Masterclass, You’ll Get:

Here's What You’ll Learn in Each Module:

MODULE 1: The Foundations

We start by delving into some of the current challenges you could be experiencing, addressing the fear of cancer, and how the current conventional medical field tackles cancer treatment.

MODULE 2: Accelerate Your Healer Within

In this step, we’ll cover the three principles to empower you to take control of your health and recognizing your natural healing potential.

MODULE 3: Build Your Integrative Success Team

Your support system is key for battling any disease, especially cancer. We cover how you can build a knowledgeable support team of experts to get you through some of your biggest challenges. Because 4 heads are better than one.

MODULE 4: Parasympathetic Mastery

Let’s talk about the one thing that can be your best friend, or your worst enemy – your nervous system. We’ll show you the results of hours and hours of sifting through the data so you know exactly what you should be doing to optimize your body.

MODULE 5: Detoxify Your Life

The fifth module uncovers the six core causes of cancer and you’ll be surprised how much this can all add up. It’s an essential module if you want to stop adding fuel to the fire and start to detoxify your life.

MODULE 6: The Most Scientifically Validated Anti-cancer Solutions

One of the most exciting and empowering modules that looks at evidence-based solutions to becoming cancer-free. From creating the best environment for your cells to actionable everyday changes that will make a difference to your health.

MODULE 7: Medicinal Movement

The last foundational element that ties everything together, medicinal movement! We dive into 9 reasons a healthy movement practice is critical to helping you overcome cancer, as well as become your healthiest self.

MODULE 8: A Holistic Plan for Health and healing

Bringing together all of the steps to make your own customized plan that makes use of the strategies and solutions we’ve shared.

MODULE 9: What’s Next…

More resources and where you can get additional support from a health-centric community to continue your journey with the support you need.

Plus Learn from These Experts

What Others Are Saying

“I just have finished the 9 modules, and I am deeply touched by your very sound, convincing, positive and powerful way of presentation and talking about cancer. The class gave me lots of insights and hope and motivates me to walk my path. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work. Yours in gratitude”

- Brigitte

“I was very eager to go through all 9 modules and the content did not disappoint. You went over all the key elements to overcome this disease. I want to watch them all again as there is a lot to digest. I especially enjoyed your enthusiasm and it is contagious! This is very important because the medical system has a strange way of removing hope and self confidence in one’s health regardless of the cancer stage. Also, when self doubt starts to creep in, it’s good to listen to some of these modules again to reinforce that healing can indeed happen. Great job, and also thanks for the Q &A sessions.
In one of your modules you ask “do you feel supported enough?”, and the answer is yes! Keep up the great work, looking forward to learning more with you.It’s also nice to know I can reach out if I need assistance.”

- Mylene

“I completed the masterclass and took copious notes.It was a back-to-basics solid foundation for anything we need to know. I also enjoy the Q&A sessions, although I listen to the playbacks. The caliber of the speakers is top-notch. I am familiar with most of these speakers, either having seen them before or read their books.
Nathan, you have such an incredible life story and you have produced such valuable programs. You are so generous with this information, having such a low fee. I just completed watching... Keep up the great work.”

- Mary

“Dear Nathan, I have watched module 1 - 9 now. It's great work what you have done. It's awesome. I have started adjusting things in my life, moving the body more, I have started to learn meditating. I pay attention on food, what to cook and what definitely not to choose for cooking. There is a lot to do. I will watch these video's many times again. Keep on doing the good work. Thank you so much!”

- Rose

Plus You'll Get

27 Bonus Training Videos with Leading Cancer Experts and Inspiring Cancer-Survivor Stories

And These Bonuses

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A Message from Nathan Crane

I truly wish you extraordinary health.  I know how difficult it is to be sick and fatigued.  And I know how hard it is to get trustworthy information about cancer.

That's why I know you'll not only benefit greatly from this masterclass, but you'll get to learn firsthand from dozens of world leading cancer experts and cancer conquerors who will give you their best guidance for how to live a cancer-free life.

I know you'll love this material.  I can't wait to see you inside the masterclass.


More Customer Feedback

“I've just finished the 9 modules. I personally found them to be very informative as well as easy to follow and learn from. I've recommended them to a couple of family members currently going through treatments, but as they say you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink. I am also thoroughly enjoying the content on the Health Life website.”

- Bobbi

“I have subsequently been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer which appears to be in multiple places. I have a 3 time history of breast cancer beginning in 2014, two different kinds, no mutated BRCA gene. I have never received any treatment other than lumpectomies and finally a mastectomy (where they found the 3rd round). It has always seemed counterintuitive to me to use treatments that I knew would cause harm. All that to say that after going through the first 4 modules, I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing. Even when I got the results of the PET scan, I knew that there was an alternative to what the surgeon told me I needed. I'm very excited and encouraged by your information and systems and am entirely committed to following through. Thank you very much.”

- Debbie

“Usually I do not respond to requests for feedback, but you, dear Nathan Crane, were possibly the best presenter of any of the myriad of health seminars I have "attended" in the past 4-5 years. You started each section with well done information which was often what I preferred even more than most of your excellent guests. Lord continue to bless & grace the work & ministry of you & your team”

- Susan

Limited Time Offer

Save $928 off of the Masterclass and Additional Bonuses Today

Regular Price: $995

Your Price: $67

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60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

You have a full 60 days to learn from and experience the life-changing information that’s available as part of this digital package.  If for any reason, you decide you dont want it any longer and you want a refund, simply email us at, or reply to any of our emails you’ve received from us, and we’ll give you your 100% money back, guaranteed, no questions asked.