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Commercial Christmas Craziness – Nathan Crane, Musings of Life (EP 012)

There’s a lot of capitalistic commercialism taking over people’s lives right now with Christmas coming up. How are you dealing with it all? Watch this new video for some insights around how to make Christmas more meaningful this year. Subscribe to Nathan Crane’s Channel: Join Nathan’s Inspirational Newsletter: Nathan Crane Facebook: Attend…

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LET GO… but Don’t Give Up! – Nathan Crane, Musings of Life (EP 011)

We often associate “letting go” with giving up on our dreams and ambitions, but the truth is that they are two completely different energetic experiences and we must all learn to LET GO if we are to find happiness and peace in our lives. In this video I share a concrete example of the difference…

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Love Your Enemies – Musings of Life, Nathan Crane (EP 002)

Love Your Enemies – Musings of Life, Nathan Crane (EP 002) In this episode of Musings of Life we discuss two important quotes Jesus was believed to have said a long time ago, the first is “love thy neighbor as thyself”, and the second is “love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.”…

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